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Contact Judy
Judy Ormseth
1375 Spring Grove Road
Bonneau, South Carolina 29431 
Cell: 843-670-2600
Email: thankheaven4puppies@tds.net 

To:1375 Spring Grove Road
Bonneau, SC 29431
Number and Street:
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"Everyone needs to be owned by
a Shih Tzu"
For everyone that does adopt one of 
Spring Grove Shih Tzu 
Please note: we will and cannot
Not be held responsible for the addictive behavior
That may follow...They are indeed like potato chips,
You can not just have one....our home is proof of it!!!
My husband Marlin with all 6 of 
our Shih Tzu.
Mazie, Spats,
Misty, Muffin & Blossom
you can't see Mitzie she is hid behind Spats.
As you can see Marlin LOVES SHIH TZU
as much as I do. THEY ALSO LOVE HIM.
Blossom, Misty & Mazie 
This is Mitzie, we got her in Dec 07 SHE IS A DOLL.

If you desire a companion not just a pet,
 you've come to the right place
There's just something about  a 
That makes you FEEL GOOD.
 You come home, 
they 're thrilled 
To see you. 
They're  good for your ego"

Thank You for Visiting my web site;  Come back often and tell a friend.
Life would be a much duller, less joyful experience 
Without God's critters..
The most important information of all, is that I care about all my babies and was there for their birth, when they opened their eyes, and for their first steps. My voice was the first one that they heard. So I also want to be there for you, too!  Feel free to call with a question, share a funny story or just send me a pic! Because I love hearing about how my babies live and grow.            
                         Thanks, Judy 

Please email me rather than write in the guest book, if you are wanting a reply. I do NOT look at the guest book every day. thank you. Judy .